About the 28th China Guzhen International Lighting Exposition

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About the 28th China Guzhen International Lighting Exposition

china lighting exposition

The exhibition notes

Q: What is pre-registration? Why pre-register? How to complete pre-registration?

A: Pre-registration means that professional visitors have completed the exhibition registration in advance. When they come to the exhibition site, they can directly swipe their ID cards and enter the exhibition without changing their ID cards. For those who complete pre-registration, the admission fee will be reduced by $100. Successful registration of the audience will receive a "pre-registration success" email and SMS sent by the organizer.

Q: What preventive measures should I pay attention to when visiting?

A: According to the government's relevant epidemic prevention and control requirements, all visitors to the museum should wear masks, check the temperature, check the Yuekang code and travel card, and hold a 48-hour negative nucleic acid certificate. A 24-hour negative nucleic acid certificate is required for those with star travel codes.

Q: Do I have to bring a physical ID card to the exhibition?

A: According to the relevant epidemic prevention and control requirements of the government, the exhibition adopts the real-name reservation system. All visitors must make an appointment in advance and register with their physical ID cards to enter the exhibition.

Answer frequently asked questions

1. How do I check in if I have pre-registered?

A: Face recognition and real name registration system will be implemented. Successful pre-registration audience will receive the "successful pre-registration" email and SMS sent by the organizer.

(A) Domestic visitors: Visitors will only be admitted by swiping their second-generation ID cards

(B) Foreign visitors: Visitors need to apply for a paper pass at the counter with their e-pass and valid ID card

2. Do you need to re-register for the previous pre-registration?

A: Previous audience members are new users by default, and they still need to submit their personal information to the current pre-registration system for registration.

3. My colleagues/clients will also visit, may I ask how can I help them apply for pre-registration together?

A: You can click the peer invitation function and forward it to your colleagues/customers through wechat to complete the pre-registration. If there are more than 10 participants in the group, please email to Jade.Deng@glexpo.com.cn to obtain the group registration form, fill in the form and submit it. After review and verification, we will send confirmation email and SMS to each member in the group registration form.

4. If you do not receive confirmation email or short message after pre-registration, what should I do?

A: For mail, please first open your pre-registered mailbox - junk mail to find the confirmation mail. If you do not find it, please contact the staff at 0760-22353188-8022 in time.


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