Choose high-grade villa lamps and lanterns are mainly different from the following aspects

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Choose high-grade villa lamps and lanterns are mainly different from the following aspects

  Today, in the market for lamps and lanterns, there are many kinds of lamps and lanterns, quality is also uneven, prices are very different. Below I give everybody a few suggestions, hope everybody can choose oneself satisfactory lamps and lanterns. Villa lamps and lanterns are mainly different from the following aspects: beautiful design, artistic atmosphere, coordinated proportion, uniform vertical lamp cap, thick material and delicate process details.

pendant lamp

1. First of all, from the appearance of the lamps and lanterns, the proportion of the whole lamp is symmetrical, the height of the lamp holder is different, the distance between the lamp holder is consistent.

2. Look at the details, from which you can judge the level of manufacturing technology of the lamp. Such as the surface details of the fine degree of processing whether there are defects and obvious burr, lamp body solder joints and corners are properly handled, whether there are obvious welding scars, color uniformity, etc. If the lamp is all copper, are the patterns on the lamp body clearly carved and the sand holes fully restored? These can be visually identified with the naked eye.

3. The material of the lamp body, such as copper lamp, whether the lamp arm is thick, whether the decorative leaf or receptacle is thick and textured. For example, the French dewaxed copper lamp, are there recycled copper and inferior fittings to replace it? Regenerated copper is rough, and dewaxed copper is delicate and soft, and the price is several times that of recycled copper. If it is a fabric lampshade, see if the glue leaks and the edges are neat; If it is a glass lampshade, check whether the lampshade has impurities, bubbles, etc.

4. This is vital, but it is often overlooked, but it has to do with safety. That's the cap string of the lamp. There are many kinds of wires in the market today, and the price difference between good and bad wires is great. A good lamp holder is also high temperature resistant, the contact copper in the lamp holder is thick and durable, with strong electrical conductivity.

As the saying goes, if you buy goods at a price, good quality, the relative price will not be lower, Sun's lighting manufacturer one-stop for you to design villa lamps customized program.


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