Choose the right office lighting lamps, you can do a good job of office lighting design.

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Choose the right office lighting lamps, you can do a good job of office lighting design.

Usually, for an enterprise with "all five organs", the office space probably includes these subdivisions: front desk, open office, independent office, reception room, conference room, toilet, passageway, etc. Of course, if it is a production-oriented enterprise, the division will be more detailed, we will talk about this later.

Why to say office lighting to partition consideration, rather than do "one size fits all". Because each area should be from the function, artistic, energy conservation and other aspects of comprehensive consideration. Different office areas, the lighting requirements are different, the use of lamps and lanterns are also some differences.

As a lighting designer and a practitioner in the office lighting industry, the author thinks that the lighting design and lighting selection of office space should be roughly divided into the following areas:

Office Reception Lighting

Office front desk, of course, is the face of the company, highlight attention, show the style of the enterprise, culture, here is the first pass. What we need to do is to determine the lighting method in accordance with the overall decoration design style of the office space and the company's positioning.

Illuminance, can be a little brighter, according to the requirements of the national standard "architectural lighting design standards", ordinary office illumination to reach 300LX, high-grade office, to reach 500LX, the illumination standard is higher than home lighting. Basic lighting, can use down light scattered point cloth lamp. And the background wall, it is necessary to focus on lighting, generally with the guide light, in order to better highlight the corporate image and culture.

Collective office lighting

To collective office, often pay more attention to the practicality of lighting. Working table area, we generally use the grid lamp plate, panel lamp lighting, the uniform spacing of the lamp can be. And the corridor area of the collective office, which can be illuminated by the down light, the illumination does not need to be too high, it can be basically illuminated.

The advantage of this is to achieve a uniform and comfortable office area, energy efficient lighting in the corridor area. In addition, such arrangement, also can make the light more even.

Public Access Lighting

In addition to the corridor mentioned above, there are often many corridors in the whole office area. For example, the corridor leading to the leader's office, bathroom, elevator, etc. Generally speaking, the public channel only serves as the connection area of each department, and no one will stay for a long time. Therefore, the illumination requirement is often not high. Usually, in the passageway area, we will install hidden panel lights or more energy efficient down lights on the ceiling.

pendant light

Reception room, business negotiation area lighting

The meeting room and negotiation area said here are different from the leadership office reception area said above. Because it is a special reception area, so it is a new small "system", the primary and secondary lighting, light and shade, also need to be reflected.

Since it is to receive a visitor, need has comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. Illumination respect we can choose the down lamp with good chromatic sex, brightness wants downy. At the same time, we should focus on highlighting the corporate culture or posters on the wall, and increase the brightness of the wall facade through the spotlights at an adjustable Angle.

For the large meeting room like the one below, we have also cooperated with large art ceiling light to decorate, otherwise it will appear monotonous and "small".


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