Choosing Lamps With Scientific Eyes

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Choosing Lamps With Scientific Eyes

Choosing Lamps With Scientific Eyes
Indoor lighting plays a great important role in human’s life. It can not only ensure the people’s diet, culture and entertainment, housework to work normally; But also can come together with the indoor decoration for its elegant style, color and pattern to makes a  comfortable and peaceful atmosphere.
A house has living room, bookroom, bedroom, kitchen, washing room and Foyer. Because they have different functions they need different light source. So we need to choose different lamps for different houses according to their function.
Lamps for living room should help create stable and generous, warm and lively environment, to make the guests feeling home from home. Generally we can hang a chandelier with one or several lamp holders in the center of the room.
Bookroom is a working and studying place for the whole family, so it has a requirement of high power so that it will bright enough. We often using the lamps of partial lighting, better use incandescent which can be installed at where it suits.
Bedroom is a place for rest, so it should have a peace and comfortable feels. We need avoid to using the lamps which is so bright and flowery. We can install a main lamp at the center and add a bed wall lamp.
Dinning room is the place to eat. We can choose the lamp which light is shinning vertically downward. So, the lamps often hanging beyond the table to make people have appetite.
Kitchen is a small place to use for cooking and washing dishes. We generally use a 25-40 W lamp. And now many kitchens are have cupboard so we can put some small lamps beyond them to have a good sight.
Washing room should choose bright but soft lighting lamps. And lamps should be moistureproof and antirust. And the power better under 60W

Lamps Installation Should Under Lighting Principles
Indoor lighting is not simply light up a room, but to deal with particular principles so that have a good decoration effective and also show its lighting function.
First of all, lighting should ensure that it can responsible for different behaviors. Writing, playing game, taking a rest and meet a friends etc. no matter what kind of activity needs the function of its corresponding lamps. This kind of lamps should be scientific that won’t makes the eyes tired. Both healthy eyes and energy saving.
Secondly, lighting should modify the rooms and make the rooms looks fancier. Lighting should take the outlines and shapes of indoor items. It even needs to beautify some special items like paintings, carpet, vases, aquarium etc.
Thirdly, lighting should be safe and reliable. It is forbidden that leakage or fire, and also turn on and it light up, turn off and it slake.
In a word, never thinking that lamps are just simply lamps, in some degree they look more likely that they are our friends, a necessary part of our life. So we need to choose them patiently, and take advantages of them, to make our life colorful and fantastic.



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