Eight ways to identify a high-end crystal lamp.

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Eight ways to identify a high-end crystal lamp.

1. Touch the surface of crystal accessories by hand. The edges and corners between the cut surface and the cut surface of high-grade crystal accessories feel sharp, while the middle and low grade crystal accessories feel very smooth

2. Identify Crystal Accessories Brand: The quality of Swarovski (Swarovski) is significantly higher than that of Egyptian crystal and domestic crystal, and basically all Swarovski accessories have a security mark, which is Swarovski said to be unique, inset in the crystal accessories


3. Count the number of crystal ball cutting surfaces: Swarovski crystal ball has 224 cutting surfaces, while Egyptian and domestic crystal ball has only 120 cutting surfaces

4. If the corners are aligned, the cutting surface of the Swarovski crystal ball is very aligned with the cutting surface, while the corners of the Egyptian and domestic crystal balls will be deviated and cannot be aligned.

5. See if the hole position is delicate, even and smooth. Any hole position of Swarovski crystal accessories is very neat, smooth and uniform in size, while the hole position size of other brands of crystal accessories is uneven and the surface is rough

6. Weigh the weight, the lead content of Swarovski crystal accessories is basically more than 30%, the crystal accessories with higher lead oxide feel heavier, and the crystal accessories with less lead oxide feel lighter.

7. See whether the hardware support process is very fine, whether the solder joint is empty welding scar, whether the electroplating is uniform, whether there is acid spit, flow of oil, scratch and other phenomena, and whether the hardware trachoma

8. Whether the structure of the lamp body is firm, coordinated and balanced, and whether it is tilted when hanging up


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