Home decoration lamp: what type of lamp is most commonly used? Five kinds of lighting lamps

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Home decoration lamp: what type of lamp is most commonly used? Five kinds of lighting lamps

  In household decoration, lighting design is a very important thing, what types of commonly used lamps and lanterns? After we understand the type of lamps and lanterns, we can decide what type of lamps and lanterns to buy according to their own needs. Next, give you a brief talk about indoor household lamps and lanterns which types.

Pendant light

  Chandeliers are the most commonly used type of lamps and lanterns in families. Generally used for indoor common lighting, in the center of the interior, with a strong sense of decoration.

crystal chandelier
pendant light
pendant lamp

  Chandeliers of many styles, style is also very beautiful. Everyone can choose according to the decoration style in the home. It should be noted that the height is relatively low, it is best not to use the pendant lamp, will lower the whole height, so that the space becomes depressed.

Ceiling light

Because when installed close to the ceiling, so call it ceiling light.

led celing light
led ceiling light
led celing light

  Compared to typical energy-saving lamps, ceiling light consumes less power and is more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. The brightness of the light is also relatively strong, the lighting effect is very good. Although not as good-looking as Pendant Light, the style is relatively simple.


It mainly uses the light beam to focus on an article or a site. As auxiliary lighting will be used, such as the metope decoration in the home. Can maintain integral adornment is unified, won't destroy the integral beautiful sex of condole top lamp.

Table lamp& floor lamp

  Floor lamp is to use some kind of material to serve as support content to form unified whole, send out illuminant thereby.

floor light
china floor lamp
floor light

  Floor lamps are mainly used around the living room to meet the needs of local lighting and decoration.

  Table lamp is mainly placed on the desktop to provide lighting for local space. The lighting range is relatively small and relatively concentrated. Easy to study, read work, etc.

table light
desk lamp
table lighting


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