Hotel engineering lighting customization from design to installation need to pay attention to these 4 points

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Hotel personalized market demand rising, generally are hard to find on the market demand for personalized lamps and lanterns is very suitable for hotel, so the hotel will be according to their own actual situation, please professional lighting design company and tailored to suit the hotel environment using engineering lamps and lanterns, so which should be paid attention to when we in the hotel engineering lamps and lanterns is custom factors?

Hotel engineering lighting

First, the lighting brightness and style required by the hotel environment

According to the environment of the hotel design suitable for the hotel lighting brightness and the general interest of the hotel guests, the suitable light is convenient for the hotel to work, while giving them a good atmosphere so that users have a sense of home, let them stay back and forth to continue to stay in the hotel next time.

Hotel engineering lighting

Two, the hotel engineering lamps and lanterns to customize the choice of lamps and lanterns materials

With low power LED chips as light source hotel engineering lamps and lanterns of longer service life than ordinary lighting lamps and lanterns, lamps and lanterns is 45 degrees at room temperature at the same time, the chip temperature over 65 degrees, the service life will be greatly reduced, so the material of the lamps and lanterns to use it is necessary to strictly, inferior material to produce lamps and lanterns, short time may can't see what are the disadvantages, However, long time use will produce color fading, polarization and other phenomena, the requirements of the material will determine the service life and replacement cycle of the customized lamps.

Three, the price factor of customized lamps and lanterns

Unified the price of class of lamps and lanterns are basically the same, just because of difference in the process of manufacturers, the price may have some deviation, but, if the price of the price and the market of lamps and lanterns so far cry from the lamps and lanterns make sure there is a difference, as the saying goes, "a price a points goods", the hotel custom lamps and lanterns must choose good faith to have actual strength, Custom of good reputation lamps and lanterns company.

Hotel engineering lighting

Four,Safety of lamps and lanterns

Because the hotel lamps are usually customized lamps, especially in the hotel lobby lights, lamps are large, the weight must not be too light, the safety of lamps is the first consideration.

In short, the main thing to customize the hotel engineering lamps and lanterns is to customize the appropriate lamps and lanterns according to the comprehensive factors of the hotel, check the quality of the lamps and lanterns, and try to achieve low price and high quality.


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