How does the hotel room lamp seize the guest's heart with the light?

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How does the hotel room lamp seize the guest's heart with the light?

Comfort themed hotels will do different tricks in their rooms, showing off their personalities with cartoon characters, bold colors and even dazzling lights. The guest rooms of five-star hotels, even if they are integrated into the design style of the hotel itself, generally speaking, quiet and comfortable, luxurious do not lose kind is their typical tone.

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When you open the door and turn on the lights in the room, you will feel a carefully decorated five-star private space. In the application of guest room lighting, in order to create a feeling of going home and warm atmosphere, usually use low color temperature light source, reflecting the characteristics of quiet, rest or even lazy. In the selection of lamps and lanterns, we should pay attention to small, thin and deep, that is, the size of lamps and lanterns is small but not bulky; The surface ring is very thin, will not destroy the flatness of the smallpox; The recessed lights are hidden and anti-glare. It gives a very comfortable feeling.

A low color temperature light source creates a warm and laid-back atmosphere. Diffused light is usually used in the bedroom area of the guest room. Lamp strips and recessed tube fixtures have a relatively soft and uniform lighting effect and are commonly used as basic lighting fixtures. The light source is mainly a low-pressure halogen light source with an illuminance of 150lx.

Bedside lamps, floor lamps and night lights are often used in the sleeping areas of five-star hotel rooms. Since the bedside lamp is used for sleeping or reading, the illumination value should be higher than 300lx and glare and hand shadow must be avoided. Set up a dimming panel so guests can adjust the lighting according to their habits.


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