How to choose and design hotel lamps and lanterns?

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According to the general hotel building structure, the whole hotel can be roughly divided into the following areas: office area, guest room, functional area (banquet hall, conference room, etc.), auxiliary area (hall, corridor, elevator, toilet, etc.), and different lighting system control is carried out according to the use function of these areas.

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Features of lamps and lanterns selection: the selection of lamps and lanterns and lighting layout is not only for the lighting needs of the lobby bar, but also should consider the lighting atmosphere and the coordination of lighting and architectural decoration.

Lighting design requirements: the hotel lobby bar to maximize the guests to provide a comfortable, elegant, dignified light environment.

Lighting design technique: in the bar configuration control panel, according to the need to manually control the local lights switch. The lighting of the corridor is set as daytime mode, working mode, off-duty mode and night mode through the loop collocation mode, and is set as general mode, power-saving mode and fully open mode according to the actual use. The lighting of the whole lobby bar is automatically managed by the system, which automatically adjusts the lighting effect according to the operating time of the lobby bar.

Hotel Lighting Design

Features of lamps and lanterns selection: the restaurant uses a variety of adjustable light sources, through the intelligent dimming always maintain the most soft and elegant lighting environment.

Lighting design technique: the programmable control panel is installed at the service desk in the hall, which can preset 4 or 8 kinds of lighting scenes respectively, so that the lighting can be combined arbitrarily. The service personnel can conveniently select or change the lighting scenes through the programmable control panel, such as: Chinese lunch, dinner, romantic dinner, holiday party, etc. The control panel also has "fade" and "fade" function keys, which can be used by the staff at any time to adjust the brightness of the lights.


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