How to choose the stage lighting equipment of the hotel banquet hall correctly?

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How to choose the stage lighting equipment of the hotel banquet hall correctly?

The lighting effect of traditional hotels, restaurants and banquet halls mainly considers the basic rules of conventional lighting and convention lighting. However, the lighting effect system software of contemporary high-end hotel banquet hall adopts new technology to create an experiential banquet hall dominated by "multimedia system, big digital animation, special effects and visual high-tech". It pays attention to the practical effect of interactive multimedia integration, which is convenient to use and has a distinct theme. There are a variety of functional zoning to consider lighting requirements such as large events, wedding receptions and product launches, as well as performance requirements such as fashion shows, short plays, acrobatic performances, pop songs, comprehensive entertainment performances and regional theatrical performances. Therefore, when formulating the overall design scheme of banquet hall stage lighting, the lighting effect requirements of multiple scenes must be fully considered.

How to arrange simple stage lighting? How to choose the stage lighting equipment of the banquet hall correctly? In the lighting design of the hotel restaurant banquet hall, stage lamps with different LED color temperature, chromaticity, focusing Angle and different actual effects should be selected according to the different scenes of the hotel restaurant banquet hall and the hypothesis of the designer:

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First of all, the choice of light pattern light is used to consider the various performances in the banquet hall. Lighting pattern lamp can not only produce the visual impact of the impact, but also use a variety of patterns to create a delicate stage artistic atmosphere. 2. Selection of dyeing lights The dyeing lights are basically 54 3W lights, but the key is to select and layout the motor according to the actual indoor space layout of the banquet hall. The actual aspect ratio of the banquet hall also determines the choice of LED Angle of the PA lamp. Typically, LEDs are angled at 15, 25, and 45 degrees. The larger the Angle, the wider the total dyeing area, but the shorter the reasonable mapping distance. Therefore, people usually choose hair color lamp according to different light position.

At the present stage, the key to the surface light source of the banquet hall is basically the LED bead type and the COB set forming, both of which are very popular. In addition to primarily using a surface light source, it can also be used as a flash. Key features are character reverse lighting and overall base light diffusion and dyeing to enhance face lighting and enhance the layering of characters and scenes. When choosing surface lighting fixtures, there are two key factors to consider: color softness and color rendering. As a warm white light lamp, the color temperature of the surface light LED should be controlled within the range of 3200-5600K, and the appropriate LED color temperature index should be selected according to the theme elements of the actual place. Color rendering refers to the ability of a light source to restore tone to an object. The higher the color rendering, the more realistic the restoration.


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