How to customize the hotel lobby crystal light

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How to customize the hotel lobby crystal light

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  When entering a hotel, the first thing that comes into sight is the hotel lobby. Then the custom of the hotel lobby crystal lamp directly affects the image of a hotel and whether it is high-end or not, thus affecting the next choice of guests. So how to customize the hotel lobby crystal lamp, the lighting manufacturer Ocean lighting will tell you.


  Hotel lobby crystal lights are divided into different shapes and styles. Generally speaking, when customizing is more complex, as the main lighting need to choose a larger and have a lot of light sources, if you want to serve as a decorative lighting in the shape can be slightly smaller.

  Secondly, but also pay attention to the size of the lamp and space coordination, style and environment matching, crystal accessories, of course, also have advantages and disadvantages, do not blindly to fight the price, choose good quality crystal although the price is a little high, but can better reduce the adsorption of dust, reduce the cost of late cleaning.

  The general replacement of the hotel crystal lamp is 10 years, because the hotel will be 5 years a minor repair 10 years of this practice, in the appropriate time to replace the crystal lamp on the line. In short, the choice of the hotel lobby crystal lamp is a technology, the hotel engineering lamps and lanterns to choose a good, to bring warm and comfortable feeling to residents. This can also enhance the brand effect of the hotel.


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