How to find a balance between these four levels is the key to hotel lighting design

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Lighting is a key part of hotel lighting design. By adjusting parameters such as brightness, temperature and lighting range, not only the observability of the space can be improved, but also the visual enjoyment can be created for the guests to improve their staying comfort. As a result, many hotel investors have begun to pay attention to the importance of hotel lighting. The same hardware, the same site, different lighting can give people a new space and atmosphere, more easily foil another charm of the hotel.

Generally speaking, hotel lighting is divided into four levels, namely: spatial lighting, working lighting, focusing lighting and decorative lighting. Depending on the level, lighting can be used to achieve the desired effect. By focusing on areas highlighted by the lights, for example, it is easier to get a guest's attention. How to find a balance between these four levels is the key to the overall design of the hotel.

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Space Lighting Space lighting is an important source of light for hotels, especially to ensure adequate brightness for guests. The use of diffuse lighting effect helps to improve the brightness of the entire space, giving guests a better visual comfort. At the same time, it can also be matched with specific lamps to create a better effect. For example, if you clean a wall lamp, you can greatly improve visibility, better display the walls, and create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

Working area lighting, lighting effect should be concentrated, high brightness. If glares, shadows and other effects occur in certain areas, they can also be addressed with specific lights. For example, the chandelier in the front desk is a very effective solution.

Focused lighting In order to attract the attention of the guests, the general hotel will use focused lighting, which is really effective. In a particular scene, focus lighting helps to deepen the depth of field and contrast, and to better highlight the various Outlines and features of the object. It is worth noting that the effect of focused lighting, although obvious, cannot be widely used and needs to be controlled in proper proportions with spatial lighting. At the same time, it can also be adjusted according to the items displayed. For example, if the color is dark, it may be necessary to increase the lighting ratio to better highlight the details of the project.

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Decorative lighting Decorative lighting is an important means to enhance the overall beauty of the hotel design. Common method is to use lamps and lanterns to enhance the interesting and decorative sense of the space. For example, lamps such as chandeliers, desk lamps and wall lamps are highly practical. Decorative lighting highlights the hotel style and enhances the hotel brand image.

In general, the details involved in the hotel lighting design are very professional, can not be simply solved by the installation of lamps.


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