How to solve the flickering failure of the led light?

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How to solve the flickering failure of the led light?

We have all encountered the flickering failure of lamps, so how should we solve it? Let's discuss it today.

Failure reason 1: drive power failure

The drive power is too large, and the lamp beads cannot withstand high power, so it will flicker. You can remove the LED light, open the case, and replace the LED driver power supply. If the driving power supply is damaged, please have it replaced by a professional to avoid more serious damage to the bulb due to improper operation.

Failure reason 2: aging of lamp beads

After long-term use, the aging of the lamp beads may also cause the LED lights to flicker frequently. You can disassemble the LED housing, check which lamp bead on the LED light board is faulty with an electric pen, and then replace the damaged lamp bead. When replacing the lamp beads, do not damage the aluminum substrate. The new lamp beads must be firmly fixed on the aluminum base plate.

Failure reason 3:the fire and zero lines are connected incorrectly, causing the LED lights to flash frequently

We can remove the switch first. The switch and wires are firmly connected together. Loosen the screws at the wiring and reconnect the live and neutral wires. We can distinguish the fire and neutral lines by the color of the wire insulation layer. If the color cannot be distinguished, a general-purpose instrument can be used to detect and distinguish the fire and neutral lines.

Failure reason 4: Poor heat dissipation of the lamp

Frequent flickering of the LED light may also be due to poor heat dissipation of the light. The lampshade with better heat dissipation can be replaced, or we can coat the lampshade with radiant heat dissipation material to enhance the heat dissipation of the lamp. Unstable household voltage can also cause frequent flickering of lights. A voltage stabilizer can be installed to stabilize household voltage.

Fault reason five: the connection line of the switch has leakage

This tiny leakage of electricity enters into the electronic ballast of the energy-saving lamp to rectify the energy storage and accumulate, and perform an abnormal lighting operation, which is repeated over and over again.

Hope these can help you solve the problem.We are a professional lighting manufacturer, you are welcome to inquire.


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