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Light+Building 2022 Frankfurt, Germany, from October 02 to October 06, 2022, Venue: Frankfurt A.m., Frankfurt, Germany, Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 160327 Frankfurt A.M., Organizer: Messe Frankfurt, Germany, cycle: It is expected that the exhibition area will reach 245,000 square meters, the number of visitors will reach 211,500, and the number of exhibitors and brands will reach 2458.

Lighting Exhibition

Exhibits range

Lighting: Professional lighting, decorative lighting, LED/OLED technology, professional lighting, light source, lamp accessories, lighting control, management, measurement system, lighting production equipment, instruments, news media

Construction electrician electrical: electrical accessories and electrical materials, power supply and distribution of power transformation equipment and electrical products, power supply, instruments, meters and tools, electrical energy saving transformation devices, control systems and dimming equipment, switches, sockets, lightning protection electrical systems and devices

Building automation and smart home: lighting control system, security and access control system, audio-visual system, air conditioning and refrigeration system, system integration, integrated wiring system


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