Several important factors affecting the cost of customized hotel project lamps!

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Several important factors affecting the cost of customized hotel project lamps!

1, the customer in the form of pictures or computer-aided design drawings to provide customized lighting manufacturers customized hotel engineering lamps. Custom lamp manufacturers need to consider whether each part of the lamp is common in the market. If not, it needs to be opened by a mold company, which adds to the price of custom fixtures, since the cost of new molds can range from several thousand to tens of thousands.

2. The lamps are made of wrought-iron, aluminum, stainless steel and copper. The thickness of the materials used is also an important part of the price and cost. Different materials, quality and thickness are all important factors in raising the price.

3. The difficulty of lighting hardware is also part of the consideration. Custom manufacturers of engineering lamps cannot complete all lighting fittings, and some fittings must be sent out. As labor costs have soared, the more difficult the molding, the higher the cost.

4. The surface treatment technology of lamps and lanterns is also a part of it. Lamp surface technology: baking paint, spray paint, electroplating, etc. Color selection should be considered after determining the process. Common and unusual colors are important elements in lighting customization.

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5. The number of custom lights is also a key point. The higher the quantity, the lower the total cost, thus reducing the total price of individual lamps.

6, customized lighting accessories is also the key to increase the cost. Accessories of good quality, with relevant certification marks, can withstand long-term open state, high temperature resistance, fire resistance, power failure resistance, are all evaluation criteria. This increases the cost of materials.

7. In order to make the lamps and lanterns better meet the customers, the time for customizing the lamps and lanterns is about 20-30 days. Whether you are a single set of lamps or a large number of the same type of lamps, a relatively large number of lamps takes less time. Labor costs during this period will be passed on to the customer.

This is a few important factors affecting the cost of customized hotel engineering lamps, I hope to help you understand the price of customized engineering lamps.


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