The choice, customization and price of hotel lobby chandeliers are not simple considerations

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The choice, customization and price of hotel lobby chandeliers are not simple considerations

Hotel lobby chandeliers have dual functions of decoration and lighting to enhance the image of the hotel. Most of the hotel lobby chandeliers are not calibrated. Custom lights may not be a new term.

1. Everyone should be able to understand what material the chandeliers in the hotel lobby are made of. Generally speaking, the price of pure copper is definitely higher than that of iron, and the price of wood is definitely higher than that of plastic. This material has a great influence on the price. So, it's worth noting that they all look the same, but differ greatly in quality and longevity.

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2. Shape and size of hotel lobby chandeliers. In short, the larger the size and more complex the shape of the hotel lobby chandelier, the higher the cost. It should be noted that the bigger the lamp is not the better, but that tailoring a matching field size is better.

3. How difficult it is to install chandeliers in hotel lobbies. In the beginning, we supported a lighting project for a sales department. By the time we walked to the door to direct the installation, the lights below had only lasted 1.5 days. With such a complex installation, you can imagine that installation costs are not low.

4. It is not difficult to understand the number of lights in the same hotel lobby. The custom chandeliers in the hotel lobby are rigid. That is, if a mold is used to make only one set of lights, that set of lights will certainly cost more than a mold to make five sets of lights, and probably not a cent and a half more.

5. Production Equipment If a light manufacturer is very small, it is not difficult to imagine that most of them are not well equipped with production equipment. Naturally, their production capacity is insufficient. Therefore, the price of the lamps and lanterns they produce will be reduced due to the reduction of production cost, but this often limits the lamps and lanterns to play their true function, thus affecting the normal use of users.

6. Production process A good hotel lobby chandelier must go through several production processes. If you want a light fixture to have good performance, you need to improve production techniques. Generally speaking, the product with low technical content meets at a discount in price and performance, affect the function of lamps and lanterns, reduce the service life of lamps and lanterns.

7. Design factors Some lamps and lanterns with advanced design can not only achieve better lighting effect in use, but also have good decorative properties. Of course, the price is higher.


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