The choice of hotel room lamps and lanterns is good, cannot do without these three points.

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The choice of hotel room lamps and lanterns is good, cannot do without these three points.

In the past article, the author has repeatedly shared with you about the hotel room lighting selection and lighting design of some methods and skills, such as the combination of lamps and lanterns collocation method, a variety of lighting with the way. So, specific to the late parameter setting, how should we operate more appropriate?

If you often live in a hotel on business, or travel more hotels, it is not difficult to find that the current hotel rooms, basically is the use of no main lamp design, it is difficult to see the main lamp + auxiliary lamp lighting combination. Instead, there are downlights, spotlights, light belts, table lamps, wall lamps, and bedside chandeliers, which were previously used as auxiliary lighting.

For the selection of these lamps and lanterns, we should probably consider from the three angles of illumination, color temperature and color rendering.

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First, illuminance

Hotel rooms generally want to pursue quiet, warm, and even lazy feeling, so the overall illumination we recommend to control at 50-100lux; However, for lamps with strong functional requirements such as bedside lamp, desk lamp and make-up mirror lamp, it is recommended to choose the illuminance value of 300Lux to meet the corresponding needs of tenants; Among them, it is easier to be ignored, is the desk of the guest room, and even many hotels do not provide writing desk lamp, which is very improper practice.

Second, color temperature

The color temperature, however, is closer to the bedroom at home. The color temperature of the ideal hotel room should be controlled in the range of 2700-3500K. Among them the bedroom part uses the light source of 3500K the following, and the light source of 3500K above is used between wei yu. Bedroom rest area chooses warm yellow light, bathroom with cool tone. The former pursues warmth while the latter pursues cleanliness.

Third, color rendering

In general, the author believes that the more upscale hotel, the higher the color rendering of lamps and lanterns. Even in mid-range hotels, the color rendering of lamps should reach RA >90. Because the higher color rendering index, can make the feeling more comfortable, more confident.

We often say that the home environment should focus on function and use, and the business place should focus on art and consumption stimulation. Therefore, the hotel room lighting design, different from the home bedroom, it to a large extent pay attention to is enough comfort and emotional appeal, because it needs to be customer satisfaction and a good reputation.

Of course, the hotel room lighting design can not only consider these three parameters can do a good job, other more reference factors, as well as the article mentioned in the lighting professional terms, you can browse the author's other articles. We'll talk about that in a future and future article


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