The details and light projection index of the hotel's engineering lighting selection is another important consideration.

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The details and light projection index of the hotel's engineering lighting selection is another important consideration.

No matter what kind of star hotel, is a long-term investment, so timeliness is the primary consideration. Hotel service to guests, especially star-rated hotels, is always considerate, so the impact of maintenance or daily operations on customers will be reduced to a minimum. Star-rated hotels are usually presented in high style in front of the market or customers, so the details and light projection index of hotel engineering lighting selection is another important consideration.

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Durability: Star-rated hotels will undergo minor renovation and maintenance in approximately 5 years and large-scale renovation and maintenance in approximately 10 years. In other words, the life of hotel engineering lamps must be at least ten years or longer, in order to meet the requirements of star hotels. Because ordinary minor repairs will not replace the lamps and lanterns, the scope of human resources involved is too large. This means that the quality of the most heated and pressurized parts of the fixture, including the reflector lid and the heat dissipating parts, is very important when choosing a luminaire.

Details modelling this is the success of interior design, but the details of lamplight modelling are also very important. This includes all aspects of the lamp itself. In general the ceiling of the canister light, for example, after installed on the ceiling, should pay attention to the decoration painting quality (how) if it is metal, the surface quality, the smoothness of reflective cup (if it is frosted reflective cup, the uniformity of the sand), lamp and ceiling surface (gypsum board/wood) connection tightness (if there is a light-leaking), and other details. By the way, besides the hardware (lights), the installer (craftsmanship) is also important. In terms of decoration, it is necessary to ensure that the lamps are installed correctly.

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Star-rated hotels with a lighting index should provide customers with a comfortable, upscale and stylish environment, so "lighting/lighting design" should help them express as much as possible and minimize impact. In general, the hotel engineering lamps and lanterns in the "lighting/lighting design" lighting selection to consider the projection indicators include: glare impact, how to collect light sources, lamps and lanterns projection size elasticity, the ductility of accessories, etc.. All of these factors will affect the choice of light. In particular, the scalability of the accessories should be carefully considered, as most accessories rely on them to create the overall atmosphere.

Flexibility Star hotels use light sources with a service life of more than 4,000 hours. As a result, the lamps have needed to be replaced many times over the past decade. Star-rated hotels have more than 1,000 lights, so changing the light source requires a lot of human resources, so the flexibility of the lights is another key consideration. The ideal choice of engineering luminaires is that the light source can be loaded and unloaded without touching the fixture (positioning) parts of the luminaire. This not only saves the replacement time, but also plays a positive role in the protection of the interior decoration.


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