Typhoon hits guangdong-bamboo

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     This year's No. 22 typhoon "Hawthorn" landed at the coast of Taishan Haiyan Town at 17:00 on the 16th(Beijing time). The maximum wind force near the center was 14 (45 m / s).

     Today, the Guangdong Province launched a windbreak emergency response, and Zhongshan City launched a windproof Class I emergency response (this is the highest level of defense emergency response), and adopted protective measures such as suspension, suspension, market suspension, suspension, and outage.

Looking back at the typhoon "Hawthorn" landing site today

Typhoon "Mangosteen" roared from the depths of the Pacific Ocean


Storms and whistling in front of people

The tree fell, the exclamation


Typhoon "Mangosteen" invaded Macao



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