What are the advantages and disadvantages of having no main light?

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No main lamp design, at the beginning of more used in hotels, clubs and other entertainment places, with the increase in demand, and then gradually into the family new house decoration industry. Compared with the traditional lighting design, no main lamp design abandons the conventional gaudy chandelier and replaces it with downlight, spot light, light trip, and floor lamp. Through the collocation and integration of a variety of light sources, it creates a different home lighting atmosphere and makes the home space look more comfortable and stylish. So today we will give you an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of no main light.

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First, no main lamp design advantages:

1, High degree of freedom, large optional range

No main lamp installation position variety, optional range. without the main light its installation position is diverse, basically can say is where not bright where, want to let where bright, very convenient. let where bright, very convenient.

2, Expand the visual sense

The absence of main lights allows the roof to be simpler and more elevated. Without the main light design abandoned the traditional droplight, making the interior looks more concise, expand the sense of space. Small family house is generally not recommended to use chandelier, will appear the floor is very low, let a person have a sense of pressure, so no main light it is not occupying room indoor space, so will appear a few higher floor.

3, Uniform lighting

The light is more even and layered. no main lighting range is strong, good lighting effect. Without advocate lamplight line is downy, can illume not only, still can adjust local light, undertake to promote spatial brightness to the local, and the illuminate azimuth that does not advocate lamp is adjustable, illume effect is good.

4, With auxiliary

The lamp belt that does not advocate the lamp can cooperate wall lamp, desk lamp, droplight will build different atmosphere. The lamp belt plays an auxiliary role to decorate the down lamp spot light. The lamp belt can be installed in the place of shooting light, downlight to decorate, can draw the outline of space very well, expand visual sense.

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Two, no main lamp design shortcomings

The design requirements will be higher, the design should be rigorous and standard, otherwise it will affect the life.

Finally, the layout of the design without main lights should pay attention to the location of the lighting tools from the wall and the distance between the lights. Scientific and reasonable layout ability builds good household illume atmosphere for us, be beneficial to our visual acuity health. 


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